Inside Line attempts to name 100 Worst Cars of All Time

Inside Line is at it again, this time with a list of the 100 worst cars ever made. While we were pretty pleased with the website's choices for its 100 best earlier this year, this one is somewhat less satisfying, which is to be expected.

Calling out the bad eggs is indeed trickier and more fraught with potential missteps than merely committing sins of omission. So yes, we've got our beef with a few of the cars listed. The General Motors EV1 at #92? That's like calling out Gottleib Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach for not building a flying car. The Porsche 914 at #45? Hardly. If you want to pick on a Porsche, why not the 924? Speaking of which, putting the BMW Isetta on the list (#3) is like bullying a kindergartener. And don't even get us started on the inclusion of the Ariel Atom, at #94 or any other number.

Despite our quibbling, the list is a lot of fun – and sure to bring back "fond" memories for those who've had the misfortune of owning Iron Duke-powered GM products or tried to convince others that a Renault Fuego qualifies as a sports car. After devouring all 100 entries, we can say with certainty that there are far more "worthy" of inclusion here, and encourage you to name names in the comments.

And before anyone gets upset that our lede photo spills the beans on the "winner," ask yourself, is there any other vehicle that could possibly top such a list?

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