Chrysler left a few fans scratching their heads when the company chose to call its new compact car the Dart. Previous rumors had hinted to the possibility of the resurrection of the Hornet name, but the sporty moniker was nowhere to be found when Dodge showed off a few teaser photos of the Alfa Romeo-based sedan. According to Automotive News, the company built 3.3 million Dart models between 1960 and 1976, and there was a time when nearly every block in the country had at least one Dart sitting on the corner – that kind of hard-earned brand awareness is hard to pass up.

To its fans, Darts were known as affordable, tough-as-nails economical transportation. In many ways, they were some of the longest-lasting vehicles to roll out of Chrysler factories before the company's quality implosion of the late '70s and '80s. Of course, the automaker's naming decision has its detractors, too – those who think Chrysler is taking a risk by exhuming an old moniker that many associate with dowdy, frills-free motoring.

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