Spell it with two Es and the name Beetle is intrinsically linked to Volkswagen. Drop that second E for an A, though, and you're looking at another 60s icon altogether. While the VW might not hold much sway for music buffs, the Beatles and its individual members hold plenty of interest for car fans.

If it's not John Lennon's '65 Ferrari 330 GT going up for auction, it's a special one-off Mini painted by George Harrison. This time around, though, it's Harrison's Aston Martin that's garnered our attention.

This 1964 DB5 belonged to Harrison back in the 60s and was just sold at auction for well above its estimated value. After a fierce bidding war under the auspices of Coys in London, the classic Aston went to an unnamed collector from Houston, Texas for £350,000 (equivalent to $547k at today's exchange rates) – a good £150k ($235k) more than expected.

At those prices, the new owner may be whistling "baby you can drive my car", but is more likely to hide his love away in a climate-controlled garage somewhere. Follow the jump for the full press release.
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An Aston Martin ordered by George Harrison in 1965 sold at auction in London on Wednesday for £350,000.00 after fierce bidding from around the world.

Manufactured in late 1964, the DB5/1896/R was supplied new on January 1st 1965 through Brydor Cars of Brooklands in Surrey to the famous Beatle and had created huge interest when it was put up for sale at the COYS True Greats Auction held at the Royal Horticultural Halls in Westminster.

There was intense bidding in the room and from telephone bidders in the United States and elsewhere. The car was eventually knocked down to an anonymous Beatle and Aston Martin fan from Houston in Texas who said: "George Harrison would be amazed about all the money his car is going to raise for Christian causes."

Recently, model and photographer Patti Boyd, who was married to George Harrison when he owned the DB5, was re-united with the car when it was showcased at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London.

Chris Routledge, Managing Director at car auction house COYS said: "There was a battle royal for this car which went for some £150,000.00 over its estimate.

The sale saw some £4.5 million pounds worth of cars being sold.

A Cord 810 Phaeton owned by Jimmy Page and Duncan Bannatyne sold for £80,000 and a Mercedes Benz 300 SL Roadster which had been stored in an Edinburgh garage for the last 23 years made £343,000, £100,000 over its estimate. A Mercedes Benz 540 K formerly owned by Bernie Ecclestone, which had been estimated at £500,000, sold for £864,000.

Chris Routledge, Managing Director of COYS said: "It was a fantastic sale with dealers and collectors from all over the world participating. There is also no doubt that many people who in the past invested in stock and shares are now looking to classic cars as a good investment for the future."

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