UPDATE: Images removed at request of owner.

The FJ Cruiser in the picture above was turned into a Transformers-like casualty after an acetylene tank inside the cabin blew up. The Canadian you see hugging the FJ is its owner, who happened to be in the SUV when that acetylene tank exploded.

According to his account of the event, the cap on the sealed tank became loose before he parked the truck in his garage overnight. The following morning, the ripe smell of acetylene filled the FJ, so he opened its doors to air it out. Wanting to speed the job along, he pulled the truck out of the garage – yes, that involved starting it. Then, while still inside the FJ, he hit the switch to roll down the passenger-side power window, and, as the old Batman series would have said, "KA-BOOM!"

Obviously, he lived. Not just that, he suffered nothing more than a loss of hearing in his right ear and a scratch. Which is not a bad way to say, "Christmas came early." Have a look at the aftermath in the mage gallery, and in case you needed a reminder, don't try this at home.

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