Arcimoto updates EV trike, testing lithium LiFePO4 batteries

The high-efficiency vehicle bearing the Arcimoto name (formerly called the Pulse, now the SRK) continues to evolve. The Arcimoto engineering team is on Generation 6, which is smaller and has a shorter wheelbase than earlier versions. The frame is also a bit less tall and has slimmer seats, which reduces the curb weight and also creates a lower center of gravity. On the powertrain side, a new LiFePO4 battery pack, an "eco wire" (read: lighter) from Alpha Wire and an updated motor controller from Ives Meadors at Synkromotive are all being tested. That LiFePO4 pack has got to be more efficient than the ten 12V lead acid batteries that previous Arcimoto prototypes used.

The frame structural changes were made because of data from the "ride experience and drive characteristics" from the firth generation and it looks like the team is getting ready to get multiple copies on the road. The Oregon-based company just sent out an email about the status and said the Gen 6 vehicle, "will be the foundation of the pilot fleet and we have just recently locked the frame and begun build of the vehicle."

You can follow Arcimoto on Facebook, Twitter or on its website. You can also watch a video test drive of the fifth-generation Arcimoto here.

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