New dashcam footage recovered of Japanese tsunami from wrecked car

We've seen some terrifying footage from the tsunami and earthquake that struck Japan in March this year, but few manage to capture the full-on terror of the situation like the clip after the jump. The video was taken by a dash camera mounted on a man's vehicle as the tidal waters surged onto the roadway. Individuals abandon their vehicles, desperately running from the inescapable sea swell, and in moments, debris, cars and people are all helplessly swept up together as the water pushes forward. In a situation like this, it would be impossible to know the correct course of action, but the owner of this particular dash cam wisely chose to stick with the safety of his vehicle for as long as possible.

He was eventually forced out into the rolling seawater as the car began to sink, and used a makeshift raft constructed of his belongings to float to a nearby warehouse. He waited there until the waters subsided and was able later to locate his vehicle and recover this footage. Hit the jump to view the absolutely remarkable video for yourself.

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