MINI's new performance app (MINI).
Nearly every automaker is trying to integrate streaming music, social media functionality and other assorted apps into their infotainment systems. But one thing that's been missing is performance data. If one has access to the engine-control-unit (ECU) and can tap into an accelerometer, you've got the info, and now MINI is making use of it.

"Driving Excitement" is the latest MINI Connected app for the iPhone, and it measures all the major performance parameters of the car and more.

The Condition Check, for example, lets one keep tabs on engine and exterior temperatures, fuel level and whether the Sport button has been engaged. The Force Meter visualizes longitudinal and lateral acceleration. The new Digital Sports Instruments takes over the navigation screen to a display coolant temperature gauge, along with horsepower, torque and engine revs. And by entering the "Excitement" mode, you've got automatic access to web radio and Dynamic Music to keep the tunes flowing during your flogging.

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