We're firm believers in the fact that there are few things on this green Earth that can't be improved with the addition of a General Motors small block. Need proof? Take a peek over Jon Sibal's site for a look at a BMW 1 Series M Coupe powered by a good old-fashioned American lump.

The GC10-V8 is actually a silhouette race car, which means the vehicle makes use of a complete tube chassis which is then covered in whatever sheet metal (or carbon fiber) you like. This machine was built by Global Concept Automobile, and began with a 1 Series M Coupe shell.

The team then applied some seriously-aggressive composite fender arches to cover the vehicle's meaty race rubber. Sibal says the eight-pot at work in the GC10-V8 is good for a blistering 550 horsepower, and that a three-way Ohlins adjustable suspension takes care of keeping the coupe planted on the tarmac.

The racer has already gotten its feet wet in a couple of endurance races around France this year. Awesome. Head over to Jon Sibal's site for more information and photos, and be sure to click past the jump for a look at the GC10-V8 in the pits.

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