Watch this vintage Porsche 911 channel its Dakar roots

We've grown accustomed to seeing all manner of modified machinery power through the sand in an attempt to get to the top of a hill. We're even used to seeing vintage German machinery do the deed... that is, if you count sand rails and buggies built using air-cooled Volkswagen Beetle bits and pieces.

What we're not generally prepared for, however, is a Porsche 911 – considered by many to be the quintessential road-going sports car – joining the motocross bikes, Jeeps and other various four-wheelers at the hill climb. Except for perhaps one place: Dakar. Porsche won the event with a 911 in 1984 and then again in 1986 with the legendary 959.

So, vintage Porsche 911s are clearly up to snuff when it comes to traversing the dunes, so long as they are properly modified to do so. We have no idea what modifications the owner of the 911 has performed other than a cool set of driving lights, but we do know that he made it to the top of a pretty gnarly looking hill.

Watch it go up and back down again the video after the break.

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