While designers are often urged to think outside the box to create unique products, the Maru-like minds behind the Boxx scooter have ignored that cubic rubric and seem set on making it hip to be square. (Do not cue Huey Lewis and the News. Thank you.)

Recently revealed, the "one meter" machine – it's about 39 inches long – is an all-wheel-drive electric commuter scooter that uses its small size and shape to its advantage. Weighing in at 120 lbs, it's portable enough to bring inside for charging and storage. The aluminum bodywork conceals two compartments said to be able to handle a couple bags of groceries.

Speed is limited to 28-35 miles per hour (depending on your local regulations) which seems plenty fast, considering its size. Range is given as 20 miles in standard mode, 40 with Eco setting engaged and there is an optional battery upgrade that doubles those numbers. Charging takes four hours, but again, there is an upgrade that can reduce that to one.

The company is now taking orders for delivery in 2012. Price is set at $3,995, though if you tick all the option, um, boxes it can hit $5,541. The first 100 units are designated the "Designer Signature Series" and owners will receive free software and hardware upgrades and other benefits.

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