2013 Ford Mustang redefines "badge engineering" with logo projector

Most car marques can be easily recognized by their emblems. But some model lines have their own emblems, too. The Mustang stands out as a clear example, and now Ford is projecting that image even further. And we mean that quite literally.

For the new 2013 Mustang, Ford has fitted a tiny projector lamp into the side mirror that casts the shape of the galloping horse logo onto the ground beside the vehicle when the driver unlocks the doors. This illuminated "Easter egg" seems simple enough, but apparently it took Dearborn's engineers quite a while to get it just right, going through six or seven designs before managing to get it to work.

The result was apparently so captivating that it shut down Ford's Flat Rock assembly line when one of the auto workers hit the button and everyone came to look. We'll be interested to see it for ourselves when we get our hands on the new model. It might be purely aesthetic and almost entirely without function, but something tells us this could be one of those new gimmicks – like, say, illuminated sill plates or ambient cabin lighting – that we may see proliferating across the industry.

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Ford Mustang

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