A Level 2 home charging solution is a critical bit of kit for any electric vehicle manufacturer. GM offers the Voltec home charger to pair with the Chevy Volt. Nissan offers the somewhat pricey AeroVironment charging station for the Nissan Leaf. And Coda has signed on General Electric to provide electron-pushing duties for the upcoming Coda Sedan.

GE's Wattstation is a wall-mounted Level 2 charger that is designed to recharge an EV using 220V power. This will help to refill the the Coda's capacious 36-kWh battery (compared to the 24-kWh pack in the Nissan Leaf and the 16-kWh battery in the Chevy Volt) in under eight hours.

Though the Coda itself is larger than a Leaf, the larger battery should help the sedan hit a real-world range of around 150 miles. Coda recently announced a price drop in their sedan, with the base price now set at $39,900 (before any applicable adjustments). Coda has stated that production of the 2012 sedan has started, and that the car is "sold our" until next spring. Show full PR text
Coda, GE Forge WattStation Agreement

LOS ANGELES -- GE Energy Industrial Solutions (NYSE: GE) has finalized an automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement for the sale and distribution of the GE WattStationTM Wall Mount electric vehicle (EV) charging station with CODA Automotive Inc., a leading EV manufacturer.

The GE WattStation Wall Mount, a fast, easy-to-use Level 2 EV charger, significantly decreases the time required to fully charge an electric vehicle compared with a Level 1 charger. The CODA is the first five-passenger, mid-size sedan that delivers the longest range of any all-electric vehicle in its class. The vehicle is equipped with a class-leading 36 kWh battery pack that enables a fully charged CODA to go up to 150 miles, or almost five times the average daily commute.

The new collaboration creates a "one-stop shopping" experience for consumers by creating the opportunity to have the GE WattStation EV charging station and the CODA electric vehicle at the same retail outlets. GE and CODA look forward to working together on additional opportunities such as retail outlet displays, marketing event co-promotions and consumer activities to demonstrate the ease of use and functionality of GE Energy's entire EV charging product line.

"This milestone is another step in GE's journey to lead the future of global electrification," said Luis Ramírez, CEO of GE Energy Industrial Solutions. "As demand for the GE WattStation continues to exceed our expectations, bringing our products closer to the customer will help accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles."

Phil Murtaugh, CEO of CODA Holdings, said, "We are excited to be the first car company in the United States to be working with GE Energy to support consumers as they enter the EV world. As one of America's most established, recognized and respected brands, we're thrilled to be able to support CODA customers with a reliable one-stop GE solution as they move into the EV market."

The zero-emissions CODA sedan features an industry-leading, 10-year, 100,000-mile battery warranty; class-leading range; fun-to-drive handling and a new U.S. base price of $39,900. This relationship helps support the company's mission of putting an electric vehicle in every garage.

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