Chevy demos Beat EV in India

U.S. drivers may have to wait another year before they can take home a five-door Chevy Spark, but Chevy's new world car has already started to appear elsewhere around the globe. In India, the Chevy Beat has been available for almost a year, with both gas and diesel versions on offer.

For most of that year, GM has been showing off all-electric versions of the car around India. In November, GM brought the latest version of the Beat EV to Bangalore. The Beat EV comes packed with a 300-cell, 20-kWh lithium battery pack (larger than the Chevy Volt's 17-kWh pack) giving the little hatch a range of 130 kilometers (81 miles).

Chevy has already announced an electric version of the Chevy Spark for the U.S., with availability set for 2013. Some of the information gathered from trials of the Beat EV will be used to refine the production version of the Spark EV, but GM hasn't yet provided details on the battery size, range, or pricing of the production vehicle. The electric version of the Spark / Beat will also be available in some global markets, but GM hasn't confirmed if India will be one of these markets.

The diesel variant of the Beat carries a three-cylinder turbodiesel engine based on Fiat multijet technology. It's rated at around 56 mpg.

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