Bluetooth-equipped mirror adds GPS and, yes, games

We can see it now. A police officer pulls over a Pep Boys-customized Chevy Cavalier that's been having a hard time staying in its lane. The officer asks the driver if he's been texting. "No," he says, "Just playing Angry Birds on my rearview mirror."

While the automotive aftermarket has never shied away from facilitating driver distraction, this new rearview mirror kit from online retailer Chinavasion pretty much takes the prize. It contains a 4.3-inch touchscreen, GPS, Bluetooth, an SD card slot, a wireless rearview camera, an internal camera, and a DVR for recording video from either camera. Oh, and frighteningly enough, it also features some pre-installed games. (Although we don't know for sure, we doubt Angry Birds is actually included.)

The Chinavasion mirror just slips over your car's existing rear-view mirror, meaning installation hassles should be minimal, so pretty much anyone with $199.86 can order one and be on their way towards causing an accident in no time.

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