Suzuki Q Concept is long on cute, short on range

If this year's Tokyo Motor Show is going to live up to its reputation for wacky, it's because of the Suzuki Q Concept. Looking like an oversized portable CD player rolling around on two sets of Apple earbuds, the electric Q is nothing if not cute.

It's also different, with seating that's configurable for two adults in tandem fashion, or an adult up front with two kids in the back. Or you can ditch the backseat altogether and use the space for cargo. Suzuki says the Q is part car and part motorcycle, but we think a more apt description of the 98-inch-long oddity would be part moped, part Segway.

With a range of just over six miles, the Q isn't much of a car, but it could make a nice runabout for city-dwellers. Or a stylish way to get down your driveway to get the mail when it's raining for the average American. Read the press release after the jump.
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Q-concept: two-seat micro mobility for everyday life.
World PREMIERE Q-concept

The Q-concept is an entirely new kind of mobility - one that's positioned between conventional motorcycles and cars. With a 2.5-metre overall length and two seats in tandem configuration, it's ideal for everyday journeys within a radius of about 10km.

The Q-concept is more practical than a car as it's more manoeuvrable and takes up much less parking space. At the same time, a cabin makes it a more attractive, more comfortable option than a motorcycle. It's outstandingly handy for shopping, commuting, going to the doctor, transporting children, and all the other short journeys in everyday life.

Other Q-concept configurations are possible. For instance, the Q-concept can have a single seat for a parent at the front and a two-person child seat at the rear, or it can be configured as a delivery vehicle with a single seat at the front and a cargo area at the rear. So it offers new possibilities for people who live in towns where businesses, schools, hospitals and other essential facilities are all in relatively compact areas.

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