Next month will see all sorts of great movie memorabilia go up for auction. Steve McQueen's racing suit from the legendary film Le Mans will go under the gavel alongside the last privately owned DeLorean DMC-12 during Profiles in History's "Icons of Hollywood" auction. The two-piece Gulf Racing suit was originally donated to a British newspaper when filming concluded in 1971.
The Observer asked readers to answer three questions about the history of the Le Mans race for a chance to win the suit, and 12-year-old Timothy Davies snagged the top prize. Richard Attwood, the winner of the 1970 24 Hours of Le Mans personally handed over McQueen's suit. Attwood himself drove the Gulf Porsche 917K for the film.

The suit remains in excellent condition, complete with its American flag, Gulf, Heuer Chronograph and Firestone sponsor patches as well as Michael Delany's name stitched in blue thread on the right hand side. The auction house estimates that the set will fetch somewhere between $200,000 and $300,000 when it goes under the gavel during the "Icons of Hollywood" even on December 15-17. Head over to Profiles in History for more information.

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