Honda RC-E electric superbike looks like fun [w/video]

Honda is putting the motor in the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show with the company's RC-E electric sportsbike concept. Details are scarce on the vehicle at the moment, but its clear the designers at Honda envisioned the machine as a dual-purpose track heathen and commuter. Tiny LED headlights are tucked into the front fairing, and the rear of the bike is decorated with similarly demure tail lights and turning indicators. We don't know what kind of power the RC-E develops or how it stores its power, but Honda did say that the concept rides on a 250cc chassis. We're guessing the bike's bare bones look more than a little similar to the company's recently unveiled CBR250R.

Judging from the fact that the front fascia boasts an air inlet, we're guessing there's some sort of battery-cooling system on board. While the bike is purely a concept at this juncture, there's a skinny chance the RC-E may hint to what Honda has planned for the future of the company's motorcycle design. Hit the jump to check out a video of the RC-E.

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