Chevrolet Volt Tops Owner Satisfaction Survey

Consumer Reports finds the plug-in hatchback delights its drivers

Consumer Reports poses a simple question to vehicle owners every year: "Considering all factors (price, reliability, comfort, enjoyment, etc.), would you get this car if you had it to do all over again?"

In spite of its simplicity, this question is probably most indicative of owner satisfaction with their vehicles. Knowing which vehicles owners answered "yes" to is a powerful resource for new car shoppers.

For 2011, droves of Chevrolet Volt owners – 93% to be exact – said that they would still buy the plug-in hatchback if they had to do it all over again, putting the Volt in first place among all vehicles. Second and third place went to the Dodge Challenger and Porsche 911, which each had a rating of 91%.

The Volt's victory, however, should be taken with a grain of salt, as Consumer Reports indicates in its release. Firstly, Volt owners had only owned their cars for a few months when the survey went out, meaning that there was less time for them to find something wrong with the vehicle. Also, early adopters of new technology tend to be more enthusiastic about products in general.

Additionally, NHTSA has not yet opened up its investigation of the Volt and other plug-in cars for engine fires caused by the battery after an accident. If NHTSA were to find glaring safety faults in the Volt and other electric cars, their respective satisfaction scores would surely drop.

Audi, Chevrolet, and Ford each had four models earning scores of 80% or higher and a total of 27 vehicles scored in that percentile. Cars that received the lowest scores for 2011 were the Chevrolet Aveo (37%), AWD Toyota Matrix (43%) and Chevrolet Colorado (47%).


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