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Ken Block recaps 2011 Gymkhana World Tour in latest video

Ken Block had a busy summer. The exhibition driver spent the season frolicking around the globe with a few friends and putting on Gymkhana shows as part of a world tour. The event showed up in just three cities; Los Angeles, Vienna and Melbourne, and gave a handful of lucky Block fans a show worth remembering. But with so few shoes spread across such a wide distance, that left plenty of the driver's faithful out in the cold. Ever the publicist, Block crafted a video for those who couldn't make it out to breathe the tire smoke.

The result is three shows crammed into less than six minutes of footage. There's plenty of sideways Ford Fiesta action as well as airborne motocross riders, scantily clad ladies of multiple nationalities and at least one gold tooth as part of the clip. One very famous Segway also makes an appearance or two. Hit the jump to see the full clip for yourself and read the press release.

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Monster World Rally Team and driver Ken Block release a 6-minute tire-destroying, action-packed recap video of the 2011 Gymkhana World Tour.

November 29th, New York, New York: A few months removed from the completion of his first-ever Gymkhana World Tour, Monster World Rally Team driver Ken Block is pleased to announce the release of an all-encompassing highlight video that showcases the best World Tour action from all three stops of the 2011 schedule (Vienna, Los Angeles, Melbourne).

"I had an amazing summer," said Block. "The Gymkhana World Tour was such a great time for me. We managed to hit three continents and three great cities where the fans were totally wild. Obviously not everyone that would have wanted to make it to one of the stops was able to go however, so what this video does is basically give a taste of what went down to everyone that missed the 2011 stops. This tour was great, but I'm already working to make the 2012 one even better!"

While Block and his Gymkhana World Tour completed a 3-stop schedule in 2011, for 2012 the Monster World Rally Team driver is looking to hit 5 all-new cities for the Tour. For more information and a list of 2012 Gymkhana World Tour stops, please check back frequently to:

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