Turkey Day was terrible for these two Corvette owners

If you saw a C5 Corvette pulled up next to a C6 Corvette at a stop light, would you assume that a drag race would follow? And which vehicle would win? We'd have our money on the C6 Vette, but then again, the C5 owner may have a bit extra under the hood.

While on his way home from picking up the family's Thanksgiving turkey last week, one astute driver noticed just such a scenario play out in front of his eyes, and he was smart enough to press the record button on his camera phone. Unfortunately, the Vette owners weren't smart enough to know that public drag racing is always a bad idea, even on the day before Thanksgiving.

As it turns out, the C5 did have the juice to keep up with the C6, but it didn't have very good traction. Follow the jump to watch a Bowtie battle for the ages turn into one very expensive insurance claim. With joggers, bikers and kids within a stone's throw of the road, this was a really stupid move, and the drivers are lucky only their cars – and egos – were damaged.

NOTE: There is some swearing in the video, so you may want to turn down the volume.

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