Thanks to the humbling experience of the automotive bailout, Ford, General Motors and Chrysler have projected an air of amiable competitiveness over the past few years. That era may be coming to a close, however.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Ford and GM may be stoking one of the automotive industry's greatest rivalries once again. Executives within both companies have taken pot shots at their competitors over the past few months with GM CEO Dan Akerson insinuating that Lincoln, Ford's luxury arm, wasn't long for this world. Jim Farley, the head of marketing for Ford, meanwhile, let loose a torrent of vitriol toward GM in the book Once Upon A Car by Bill Vlasic, saying he hated GM and all that the company stands for.

These pot shots may be indicative of growing weariness by both automakers. GM has carved out larger profits and greater market share than Ford over the past few months, and The Wall Street Journal reports that Ford now considers GM it's largest threat. Previously, Ford has eyed Toyota as its largest competitor.

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