General Motors continues to celebrate Chevy's 100th anniversary with a new tribute video to the company's long truck lineage. Chevrolet started producing pickups in 1918 with the 490 Light Delivery and hasn't stopped since. We're a little disappointed to see that the video glosses over tasty hardware like the 1956 Chevrolet Apache and the ever-attractive 1967 Chevrolet Suburban, but beggars can't be choosers. The clip does spend some time with the Blazer, including some fantastic vintage footage of the utility bouncing along a dusty trail with its top off.

Unfortunately, the video is served up with the dryness of a middle-school health documentary, so don't expect too much in terms of entertainment. Fans of the brand and truck geeks will likely find plenty to salivate over, however. Click past the jump to check the video out for yourself.

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