A new trailer for Automation has made its way to the web. As you may recall, the game allows you to design a vehicle from the ground up with your own chassis, engine and exterior design before attempting to sell the car to the masses as part of your own car company. The game is now officially available for pre-order, which can save you $10 off of the final $30 purchase price. Camshaft Software will even throw in some exclusive content with each pre-order purchase.

Automation makes you the head of a new vehicle company in the year 1946. It's your job to turn your startup into a brand that's recognized the world over by producing the best vehicles possible. We couldn't care less about the business end of the prospect, but the thought of designing our own vehicles from the platform on up is enough to get us excited. Hit the jump to check out the trailer and click over to the game's Rocket Hub page for more information.

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