Sharp-dressed man goes on vehicle-damaging rampage at CA Mazda dealer

Have you ever gotten so mad that you wanted to break something? For the vast majority of us, the urge passes without any property damage, but the same can't be said of Edward Roth. Fox 5 San Diego reports that the 22-year-old did his best Michael Douglas impression from the movie " Falling Down." The victim? Hines Mazda of Mission Valley, and Roth even managed to do the deed in a snazzy dress clothes. Surprisingly, the vandalism appears to be totally random – dealer officials say Roth has never done business with them.

Beyond the jump is some truly bizarre surveillance video. The footage shows an angry Roth after what appears to be an upsetting phone call beating on a Mazda CX-7. Roth then reportedly threw a bench through the dealership window, then took a pole of some sort to at least a dozen Mazdas along with one customer car for good measure. The Hines Mazda incident went on for about 25 minutes before police put a stop to the madness.

Click on the link below to watch Hines Mazda get thrashed. All told, initial cost estimate for the rampage come out to around $50,000 (we're surprised it's not more) plus one discharged police Taser.

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