VW pokes fun at motorcyclists in new spot for South Africa

Riding a motorcycle isn't for everyone. Aside from the requisite blatant disregard for personal safety, there are a host of inconveniences to deal with. Bugs, heat, dirt, dust, grime and the stench of road kill can all put a kink in an otherwise enjoyable afternoon of riding. We understand that, but it doesn't mean we're going to be trading the bike for what could very well be the most bland compact available on the market right now. Volkswagen South Africa has released a new ad for the company's Jetta featuring a duo of would-be motorcycle heroes as they endure the slings of motorcycling on a pair of beautiful Kawasaki steeds.

After a variety of calamities ensue, the two decide to swap their bikes for the ultimate symbol of domestication: the Jetta. Approving nods from seasoned bikers ensue and the screen rolls to black. As you can likely tell, we have a bit of an issue with the ad, entertaining as it may be. Perhaps the spot would have gone down a little easier if our two failed bikers had swapped their machines for a GTI. Hit the jump to check out the ad for yourself.

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