We've seen some painful product placement efforts revolving around cars over the past few years. Some of them involve movies or television shows, but more than a fair share come down to music videos. Yet none, absolutely none, can compare with the bizarre spectacle of Abby Cubey behind the wheel of the Mosler RaptorGTR.

For those not yet acquainted, the music video (available after the jump) features a performing artist unknown until now singing some extremely cheesy lyrics in, on and around the Florida-built supercar, accompanied by some very strange sideshow acts. It hardly does the performers any favors, and certainly doesn't help the exotic sports car along any either. But just how did this collaboration come into being?

The story is a little stranger than you might have thought. This wasn't, according to an investigative report undertaken by our friends at Jalopnik, just some American Idol reject getting ahold of a hot car in an attempt to jump-start her career. It actually runs a lot deeper than that, delving deep into a struggle over the business itself responsible for creating the car.

It all seems to revolve around one Todd Wagner, an engineer who, while at Mosler, helped create the RaptorGTR. Wagner has long since been ejected from the company, which is now being controlled by his ex-wife Jill. Todd says he has a distributorship agreement with Mosler in place – a claim that the company flatly denies – and that he created the video in order to promote the vehicle.

Reports also indicate that the terms of Mosler's sale specifically preclude Todd Wagner – who is quickly emerging as severely delusional – from having any involvement. Jill Wagner, meanwhile, speculates that her ex-husband is romantically involved with Cubey, and that the video is part of some misguided effort to promote her career as well as the business that is apparently not his to promote in the first place.

So is it working? Well, with some 40,000 YouTube hits in less than a week, we're reminded of the truism that there's no such thing as bad publicity. But after watching the video ourselves, we're beginning to doubt that very much. Follow the jump for the original video.

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