San Pedro, CA suffers massive slide, takes road with it

City officials in San Pedro, California, have long had their eye on a section of bluff-top road in the area. Constant erosion had threatened to walk away with the asphalt altogether, and that's exactly what happened during a storm on Sunday, November 20. A massive section of the Paseo del Mar roadway vanished down the bluff, leaving road crews to ponder on how to go about repairing problem. The city first discovered cracks in the road surface last spring, though the extent of the storm's damage was something of a surprise.

For now, the city is urging residents to stay away from the road until a solution can be found. The Los Angeles Police department has stepped up patrols in the area to keep would-be sight-seers away from the unstable road. Some area activists have accused rampant bluff-top development for accelerated erosion, though the slide could simply be nature at work.

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