Drivers on the Pennsylvania Turnpike were met with a sticky surprise Tuesday night after a tanker trunk with a leaky valve spilled between 4,000 and 5,000 gallons of a tar-like goo all over the highway. The spill, initially characterized as tar, was later revealed to be a driveway sealant.

Some 150 cars were disabled as a result of the incident, but fortunately no injuries or serious accidents were reported. Road workers got on the job shortly after the spill, covering the spilt sealant with sand and pushing it off onto the shoulder with snow plows.

The spill affected a 40-mile stretch of the eastbound portion of the turnpike, between New Castle and Oakmont, and principally the right-hand lane. However, some motorists on the scene wondered why officials hadn't closed down the highway completely as they were met with ice-like driving conditions that severely inhibited safe driving. Follow the jump for the video report from the scene.

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