For all of its glory, Top Gear can be a bit formulaic. Any given episode likely includes Jeremy Clarkson saying something absurd about one vehicle/ethnicity or another, at least two of the hosts embroiled in a ludicrous challenge and, of course, plenty of quick editing and stunning videography. It's the hosts and the execution that separates Top Gear UK from its various international incarnations and keeps us coming back for more. Two of the show's fans recently demonstrated how easily the recipe can be applied to even the most bizarre premises by pretending to race two electric cars through the streets of London.

The parody, cardboard boxes and all, is genuinely hilarious, and we aren't the only ones who think so. We showed you the video previously, but now Top Gear UK producer Andy Wilman has released a quick video praising the duo for their creativity, which we think is pretty excellent. Hit the jump to revisit the original as well as watch Wilman's reaction to the clip.

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