Mazda is hoping to entice rental car customers into a new Mazda6. The company is supplying the sedans to around 1,000 Enterprise Rent-A-Car locations, and each vehicle will come with a Quick Response code stuck to the dash. Renters can scan the code for more information on the Mazda6, including specifications, links to local dealers and more, says Automotive News. You won't find these particular four-doors in the standard airport fleet, however. Enterprise has reserved the Mazda6 models for the company's insurance replacement offices, which means drivers will receive the vehicle when their own car is in the shop for repair due to an accident.

The result is effectively an extended test drive for owners suffering a low point in their relationship with their own vehicle. Sounds like smart, ultra low-cost advertising to us. Enterprise calls the program OnRamp, and is hoping to lure other automakers to supply nicer rental fodder in the future. Mazda hasn't said exactly how many Mazda6 models will be part of the program, but did say that the company would be building the vehicles over the next few months to cover the rental agencies.

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