Alain De Cadenet makes 'em swoon at Mille Miglia NA in vintage Ferrari

This is what we call making an entrance. Classic & Sports Car Magazine contributor Alain de Cadenet recently took to the Mille Miglia North America in one very beautiful 1957 Ferrari 250 GT. The car literally swept the event's presenters off their feet at the ceremonial start when de Cadenet came across the line just a little too quickly. The inertia of the stopping Ferrari pulled the stage floor along for the ride, effectively yanking the rug out from under the five people on stage. No one was harmed in the little fiasco, but the event makes for a pretty hilarious clip.

Hit the jump to check out two videos of the Ferrari bowling everyone over as well as a brief interview with de Cadenet after the Mille Miglia North America came to a close.

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