A car accident near Cove City, North Carolina left a nine-year-old girl stranded upside down in a 1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo for two days. According to the Associated Press, a pedestrian spotted the overturned car and alerted authorities, who discovered the child alive. Temperatures at night dropped below 30 degrees, but the child's coat kept her warm and a supply of Gatorade and Pop-Tarts kept her fed and hydrated until help arrived. Sadly, the accident claimed the life of her 39-year-old father, Douglas Landon. The little girl, meanwhile, is currently recovering at a local hospital. The Washington Post reports that the vehicle's speedometer was stuck at over 100 mph, but friends and colleagues of the victim are quoted as saying that there's no way Landon would have been driving that fast.

Landon's daughter is recovering with her mother, who says that her child is talkative but very upset about the loss of her father. Medical personnel expect her to make a full recovery. Click past the jump for a video clip, and check out the WaPo article for more on this heart-wrenching story.

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