Security camera catches elderly woman driving into pool

An elderly woman in Austin, Texas got a scare when she accidentally drove her Dodge Neon into a swimming pool during what was supposed to be a routine trip to the grocery store. Security cameras caught 86-year-old Mary Lee Fine as she barreled through a fence, hit some patio furniture and splashed down. Fortunately, a steel lawn chair wedged itself beneath the rear of the vehicle, keeping Fine above water long enough for a caregiver at her living facility to wade into the water and pull her from the partially-submerged Mopar.

Details on how the fiasco occurred are murky, though Fine said that she had to get into her vehicle from the passenger side because someone had parked too closely to the driver's door. Fine said that in climbing over to the driver's seat, she either accidentally hit the key or the gear shift, causing the Neon to bounce off of a Toyota Celica before driving into the pool. Hit the jump to see the full video for yourself.

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