It must be a week for vehicular sacrifice. We've already seen a Lamborghini Gallardo go up in flames in the quest for the gold at the Targa High Country in Australia, but back here on American soil, Jeff Evans recently pushed his Acura Integra past the limit at the drag strip to break the eight-second barrier. The car campaigns in the True Street class with a 950-horsepower, turbocharged B-Series engine under the hood with a 67-millimeter Borg Warner turbo shoving 35 psi of boost down the intake.

That is no small number. On his third pass of the day, Evans lost control of the Acura shortly after crossing the quarter mile line, narrowly missing the EG Honda Civic in the next lane and bouncing off of two walls in the process. It wasn't until later that he was informed that he had managed to run an 8.98-second quarter mile at 167 miles per hour, which was good enough to earn him a record in his class. How's that for a bittersweet victory? Hit the jump to see the carnage for yourself, and be sure to check out the Evans Tuning site for more information on the car.

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