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eBay Find of the Day: Twin jet-engine board track Harley-Davidson

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If hopping on a motorcycle isn't thrilling or deadly enough for you anymore, you may want to point your browser toward eBay Motors. The world's first and only twin-pulse-jet-engine motorcycle is officially up for auction. The machine was originally constructed by Robert Maddox for a customer who wanted to try his hand at slipping into the 200-mph club. It's not clear whether the owner had a brief flash of sanity or if he simply found an easier way get his jollies, but the bike is now up for sale with a buy-it-now price of just $25,000.

That's plenty cheap in our eyes. If we had money bleeding out of our ears, we'd snap up the wild machine, which is supposedly based on a 1929 Harley-Davidson flat-track racer (we imagine that might just mean modeled after...), and park it in our living room. The seller says the bike rides straight and, not surprisingly, is plenty quick. Head over to eBay Motors to check out the auction for yourself.

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