The year is quickly winding to a close, and General Motors is taking steps to ensure that the automaker meets its goal of selling 10,000 Chevrolet Volt units. The company has given its dealers the go-ahead to sell their Volt demo vehicles, thereby greatly increasing the availability of the plug-in. In the past, GM has required its Chevrolet dealers to keep at least one Volt model on the lot to show off to potential customers. Dropping that requirement will see the number of available Volt models swell by 2,300 units, according to Automotive News.

As of the end of October, GM has managed to move just 5,003 Volt units this year. That's a far cry from GM CEO Dan Akerson's 10,000-unit goal. The company says that in addition to the demo vehicles, the automaker has an extra 1,800 Volt models in transit to dealers right now, which brings the total number of available vehicles to 4,100. Even if GM dealers manage to find homes for all of those plug-in hybrids in just two months, the company would still miss its target by almost 800 units.

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Chevrolet Volt

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