Behold: the definition of giving 110 percent in competition. Jason and John White recently took to the Targa High Country in Victoria, Australia in their Lamborghini Gallardo. The duo spent the final day of the event battling for the top spot with a menacing Nissan GT-R. The final stage of the day saw the Whites four seconds behind their rival when the green light lit, and the team proceeded to do their best to close the gap.

There was only one problem; half way through the course, the team noticed that a glowing fireball was erupting from the rear of their Italian racer. The crew could either stop halfway through the course, attempt to extinguish the flames with their on-board extinguishers and give up the overall win or push on for victory and hopefully more extinguishers.

The Whites went for the latter option and managed to beat out the GT-R driven by Tony Quin by a full ten seconds. Fire crews quickly put the flames out and managed to prevent the Gallardo from (completely) going up in a puff of smoke. The heroics are just another reason why Targa is the best form of motorsports on the planet. Hit the jump to check out a few videos of the feat for yourself.

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