The Volvo C30 is nearing the end of its lifecycle and that means Volvo can take its compact hatch in one of two directions: plug on with a three-door variant or make a more spacious five-door to compete with the Audi A3.

According to Autobild and based off these previous spy shots, Volvo plans to go the latter route, with a new stretched hatchback to take on the BMW X1, upcoming Mercedes-Benz BLK and Volkswagen Golf abroad. Slated to arrive sometime next year, the so-called V30 would pack a range of gasoline and diesel mills, maxing out with a 240-horsepower four-cylinder driving the front wheels. There's not talk of an all-wheel-drive version, but an all-electric variant that extends the capabilities and range of the C30 EV prototypes running around Europe is most certainly in the cards.

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