Garage fires are nothing new, and there will come a day when stories like this one won't make national news. For now, though, if a Chevy Volt is inside a garage that blazes up, people notice. This happened earlier this year in Connecticut – in a fire that was later ruled to not be caused by the Volt – and it just happened again, this time in Mooresville, NC.
Well, we think a Volt was involved, given that representatives from GM are talking to fire investigators in the wake of a massive fire that caused about $800,000 worth of damage on October 30. According to the local news, which doesn't mention the Volt by name, a possible suspect is the Level 2 charger made by Siemens (exact unit not specified, so the picture here is just for general reference). The official statement from the fire marshal is that, "The charging station was in the known area of origin, but the cause of the fire has not been officially determined," and a Siemens rep told WSOC that there is, "No indication the electric car charger was the cause." The fire marshal will meet with representatives from GM and Siemens at the site of the fire today to try and determine what happened. Duke Energy and the DOT are also involved because the charger was part of a plug-in vehicle test program. Duke is even warning people who have a similar charger installed not use it until more details are available. You can watch the WSOC report here.

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