Police in the UK have begun investigating the cause of a 34-vehicle pileup on the country's M5. The fiery collision claimed the lives of seven motorists and saw an additional 51 individuals injured. Of those, 42 were treated at local hospitals.

According to BBC News, a subsequent investigation has revealed that fireworks display by a local rugby club could be to blame for the event. According to police, the Taunton Rugby Club sponsored a fireworks display that led to a massive bank of smoke that obscured the roadway. The club is currently cooperating with the investigation and police are investigating the legality of the fireworks show.

A total of 15 individuals are still being treated for injuries sustained in the accident, which occurred Sunday. While all of the vehicles involved in the crash have been removed from the scene, police say that over 130 feet of asphalt has been ruined by spilled fuel, and an additional 197 feet of road surface has been destroyed by severe fire. Click past the jump to watch an Associated Press report on the incident.

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