Potential buyers of the upcoming Tesla Model S shouldn't expect to find a J1772 connector under the charging flap. The SAE International standard may be on board most electric vehicles, including the Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt, but Tesla has never liked the design.

Calling the standard connector "ugly," Tesla has instead developed its own plug and charger that will be available to Model S owners. Compared to the home setup for current Tesla owners, the new solution is more compact and much neater.

However, Tesla's dismissal of the J1772's aesthetics shouldn't be taken as a sign that Model S owners will be left with few alternatives when it comes to juicing up their new sedans. Tesla says the charging kit each owner receives will include connectors for standard 120v and 240v outlets, as well as an adapter for the plug-ugly J1772.

Using its custom connection, Tesla predicts that the Model S will recharge at a rate equivalent to 62 miles of travel per hour of charge when connected to a 240v outlet with high amperage – considerably faster than most home chargers.

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