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Ford has started accepting reservations on their 2012 Focus Electric, but it won't be the bargain of the EV bunch. The Focus Electric's base MSRP rings in just shy of $40,000, before the standard federal tax credit of up to $7,500. That's over twice the $16,500 MSRP of the base gas-powered Focus, and about $4,000 more than the all-electric Nissan Leaf. Autoblog Green breaks down the additional options that can further up the price of Ford's new EV.


Fleet Director Global Iridium-based vehicle tracking

California-based Fleet Management Solutions has been awarded a contract to equip the U.S. Justice Department's Federal Bureau Of Prisons' (BOP) vehicles with a satellite tracking and monitoring system. The Fleet Director Global system uses the Iridium Satellite Communications Network, a large group of satellites operated by Iridium Communications Inc., which allows for continuous 2-way monitoring of the fleet every second of every day. One feature of the system is an in-cab panic button, which allows BOP employees to respond immediately to an emergency situation.


nascar fuel injector testing

NASCAR, a motorsport rooted in tradition more-so than innovation, is looking to adopt electronic fuel injection technology for the 2012 season. Fuel injectors have long been used in passenger vehicles to achieve fuel economy gains over less efficient carburetor systems. NASCAR Sprint Cup Series teams will conduct EFI tests at various race venues throughout the month.


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