When you think of designer Peter Horbury, Volvo follows logically. Soon, we'll all have to expand our thinking to leap from mention of Mr. Horbury to Chinese automaker (and Volvo owner) Geely. The well-regarded designer has been linked with Volvo for decades, and now he's reportedly adding styling responsibilities for Geely to his to-do list. He'll pack his bags in Gothenburg, Sweden where he's been vice president of Volvo design, and touch down in China to offer his talents to the Geely Group as it works to grow its brand and eventually offer its vehicles worldwide.
Bringing a steady-handed designer to lead its styling efforts will help Geely stand apart from its sometimes weirdly penned compatriots. Looking at what the British designer accomplished during his tenure at Volvo, going from iconoclastic boxes to a decidedly curvy design revival in Gothenburg, he's already masterminded what Geely needs to accomplish. The best part is that it's not a loss of design continuity for Volvo, as he'll stay on there, but it's a whole new playground for Mr. Horbury to devise a new design language.

This should be interesting.

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