Alabama car dealer dubbed "Taliban Toyota" wins $7.5M verdict

Shady car salesmen are known to make all sorts of claims in order to move the metal. But a recently concluded lawsuit in Alabama has ruled that there is a limit to what claims an auto sales rep can make.

The lawsuit revolves around two Toyota dealerships in the South East. According to Reuters, Fred Kenner – sales manager at Bob Tyler Toyota in Pensacola, Florida – referred to East Shore Toyota in Daphne, Alabama, as "Taliban Toyota", telling prospective buyers that its owner Shawn Esfahani (pictured at right) was funneling money to the Taliban and to insurgents in Iraq, jeopardizing the lives of our troops serving overseas.

Esfahani countered that he left his home country of Iran after the Islamic revolution there in 1980 and that Kenner's allegations were pure slander. The courts have apparently upheld Esfahani's claim and awarded him $7.5 million in damages to be paid by Bob Tyler Toyota.

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