The FIA is serious about developing environmentally friendly forms of motorsport. But while its premier series – Formula One – is implementing new measures like regenerative braking and heat-energy recuperation, F1 remains a fossil fuel-powered sport. That's where Formula E comes in.

First mooted back in April and officially announced in August, the FIA Formula E series starts from scratch with a new formula that calls for entirely electric propulsion. The FIA has put out an official tender for interested constructors to submit their proposals, and after Italian upstart FondTech pitched their idea in September, now Kleenspeed is getting in on the action.

The American outfit already produces an array of electric vehicles, from scooters and karts to electric-converted Miatas and even the EV-X11 sports prototype. Its Formula E concept is certainly no less ambitious, outlining plans for Kleenspeed to develop and manufacture the energy storage and propulsion systems, the complete chassis and everything that goes in it. Kleenspeed even wants to field the car with its own works team.

Whether the Formula E championship ends up going with a single design (like IndyCar, GP2, Formula 2, A1GP, Superleague and just about every other open-wheel single-seater racing series), a constructor-team format (like Formula 1) where every team designs and builds its own cars, or something in between likely depends on the quantity and quality of the proposals. But we can already see Kleenspeed's design whizzing around the world's finest racing circuits. Details in the press release after the jump.
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KLEENSPEED Files Expression of interest Proposal with FIA for Formula E Championship

The FIA (Federation Internationale De L'Automobile), the sanctioning body for Formula 1 racing and other world-class racing series, issued a call for Expressions of Interest in a new series being developed to feature electric racing cars in a formula based concept.

KLEENSPEED Technologies developed a comprehensive proposal for the FIA and has submitted our Expression of Interest Proposal to become a part of this new EV competition arena.

Our potential involvement in the FIA FE series will depend on a number of significant factors, but we are hopeful that there will be interest in our advanced EV technologies and that the necessary relationships will develop to allow us to become an active participant in FIA FE.

Formula E Championship
The FIA is now in the concept and formulation stage regarding an electric vehicle formula series and called for interested parties to submit formal proposals regarding their planned involvement by 10.14.2011. The FIA call was quite broad and it is anticipated that many manufacturers, large racing promoters and factory teams have submitted plans of various scope. It is not settled at this point whether the FE series will be based on a Spec formula or encourage individual chassis and/or powertrain designs. The actual format of the races/competitions is also open.

KLEENSPEED offered our perspectives on the formula specification and the core concepts of a successful and engaging E-Racing Formula.

"The public is smart and demanding of fresh, relevant experiences, aligned with the values of a sustainable future. New technology is fascinating and the performance of electric race cars is electrifying. Speed, sound, passing and pit stops are the traditional interest points of motorsport which will continue. In addition, the performance characteristic of the electric race car with it's instantaneous torque and burst of speed out of a corner will capture the next generation of motorsports enthusiasts." Timothy Collins, KleenSpeed President

"All traditional ICE motorsports, including Formula 1, are now at the top of the Technological S Curve. EV racing will be the rebirth of motorsports." Dante Zeviar, KleenSpeed CTO

KLEENSPEED Technologies proposed our potential involvement and partnerships in these primary areas:
* Research & Development of the Energy Storage System (ESS) for FE
* Research & Development of the complete Electric Propulsion System (EPS) for an FE Racecar
* Development & Fabrication of a complete FE Racecar
* Entry as a Racing Team Participant in the FIA Formula E Championship
* Technical Partnerships with Other Parties to Develop ESS and EPS for FE Racecars
* Design & Engineering of EV Systems and Components for FE Racecars
* Manufacturing of EV Systems and Components for FE Racecars

KLEENSPEED also proposed our potential involvement in these secondary areas :
* Sponsorship, Partnership, Investment & Support Solicitation
* FE Championship Event Concept & Context Development
* Research & Development of Advanced and Innovative Technologies
* KS Telemetrics™ Social Media Telemetry & Audience Engagement Media Technologies
* KS AccoustoSonics™ R&D to Develop a Unique Sound Signature for Formula E Racecars
* Event Planning & Development In Northern California Racing Venues

We invite you to contact us soon for more information, to arrange interviews with the principals and to learn more about the company and our innovative technologies.

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