Honda now offering body-in-white Civics with HPD racing components

There are few things more inspiring than a blank canvas, and Honda has recently given the company's enthusiasts just that with its new body-in-white Civic. The chassis is perfect for racecar builders who would otherwise spend plenty of time, energy and cost stripping out components in the quest for weight reduction.

Honda officially began selling the body-in-white Civic models in July, and the automaker has already delivered a handful of shells to licensed race teams. If you like what you see, Honda will sell you your very own stripped-down Civic shell for just $3,500, though don't expect niceties like suspension components or an engine and drivetrain. There's word yet on whether or not the shells come with a VIN, of course.

Honda has also announced that HPD will begin offering parts and racing components specifically designed for the 2012 Civic. The company says that the pieces have been crafted for the SCCA World Challenge and the Grand Am Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge. Expect to hear more on that front when the parts go on sale early next year.

Honda Civic Information

Honda Civic

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