When an animal makes its way onto a freeway, the result could be a significant accident with the real possibility for casualties. But while your local Interstate could see speeds of 80 miles per hour, it's nothing like Formula 1.

During testing at the Indian Grand Prix, a dog with a death wish made its way onto the track. Luckily, the dog was unharmed, and a potentially serious accident was avoided. The incident comes three years after driver Bruno Senna actually hit a dog during a GP2 race in Turkey. Senna reportedly told ESPN that he saw the very same dog around the entrance to the paddock, adding that it was "difficult to believe" that the dog actually made it onto the track.

Officials at the track were quick to respond to the incident by red flagging the session. Senna was quick to point out that while waving the red flag was the right thing to do, the circuit must be more vigilant in keeping animals off the track.

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