MO Bike Sharing

Showing that a technological advance can sometimes deliver significant change to an apparently unrelated system, the Mo sharing service leverages a cell phone app to create a linked network of increasingly varied transportation options. Created as a joint venture between LUNAR Europe, environmental organization Green City e.V. and the University of Wuppertal, Mo is designed to encourage the use of the lowest-impact transportation option with choices including public transportation, bikes, e-bikes, and cars.

By using the phone app, Mo tracks the miles of each user and rewards them when they elect to use a green option. For example, taking public transportation might build up miles that can later be redeemed for use in renting a car or bike. Users can even receive credit for peddling their own bikes.

By encouraging the use of other options, Mo expects to reduce the need for shared cars. Coordinating the different options and providing positive feedback as appropriate should keep the system balanced. The result is that the people who buy into Mo but use other options when possible can use cars on those occasions when they are really needed at a very low cost. At the moment, Mo is still in its early stages and is limited to the area around Munich. The technology and planning employed in this system could be used to expand the flexibility of existing car sharing systems.

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