A few years ago if you wanted a Mercedes-Benz Coupe your only choices were the dandyish CLK two-door or spending the GDP of a Polynesian island on an SL or CL. The options have grown – and grown more manly – lately, and according to a story in Auto Bild there's another one coming: the E-Class Superlight.

With a rumored arrival of 2015, this rethink of the E will weigh just 2,860 pounds, meaning it would shed 770 pounds compared to the current E Coupe. How? By being "made of super lightweight carbon fiber." Powerplants for the model are suggested to be a six-cylinder gas with a hybrid motor, or a fuel-cell hybrid.

If true, this is presented as Mercedes' response to BMW and Audi moves into plastics and light weight. And this wouldn't be the only challenger from Benz, with a lightweight B and an SCS also said to be in the works.

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