Top Gear Korea is better than you might think

We know, we know... you miss Top Gear. We do, too. But there won't be another new episode until December, and the new season isn't expected to start until January. So what are we to do in the meantime? Well, we could watch re-runs, but we've seen 'em all. We could watch the American version – and many of us do – but, you know – it's still not the same. Neither is Fifth Gear, for that matter. Fortunately the sun never sets on the Top Gear empire, and today there are different series set up in locations around the world.

As far as we can tell, in addition to the original on the BBC and the History Channel version we get here, there are also series in Russia, China, Germany and Korea. There was also an Australian series, but it was recently cancelled, meaning we have no other series available to us in English.

But does that mean we can't enjoy them? Well, maybe, but the Korean series, for example, isn't half bad – whether you understand Korean or not. The cinematography and production quality strike us as better than most of the spin-offs, if not quite as good as the original. But don't take our word for it: we've placed a few segments after the jump for your viewing pleasure. Like what you see? There's plenty more where that came from – just head on over to Top Gear Korea's YouTube channel.

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